Medical Marijuana : the true function of marijuana

Florida medical marijuana – According to health authorities, a better strategy to obtain the balance of this ratio is to eat foods that the ratio of omega 6 and 3 of its better in a single composition. One source of this food and also happened to be the best is marijuana seeds. Marijuana seeds are the best solution because it contains omega-6 fatty acids and its 3 is 3: 1, the optimal ratio which even exceeds World Health Organization standards.

medical marijuana in Florida – Oil from the hemp seeds contains unsaturated fatty acids super (super polyunsaturated fatty acids) are rare as GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) and stearidonic acid (SDA) in large numbers. GLA itself is a fatty acid that is rare and not found in grains, even that has become public consumption such as linseed, sunflower seeds, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, seeds of rapeseed (canola) or olive oil (olive oil).

medical marijuana Doctors in florida – The saturated fatty acid content of BJI cannabis is very low, less than 10{10c8019b220483d68356183e80179a9242f27780b2f0874f4ad144dc3aba0750} of its oil content. Additionally, cannabis seed oil also contains no trans fatty acids at all that the bad fats that can raise cholesterol levels in the blood. Other content of hemp oil is the amino acid composition and structure of the high-quality protein. Proteins of marijuana seeds also contain all of the amino acids in an amount greater than the sources of complete protein such as meat, milk, eggs and all seeds except soy, amino acids in the seed oil marijuana was also present in the composition much healthier than all of this food source.