Many people are confused about how to start a business, but also not a little confused how to develop a business that is already running. The number of visitors / customers is not increased, the sales turnover is not increasing even diminishing, is one of many problems in business. And as an entrepreneur course we want our efforts to be both developed and developing.

Let’s look at the things that must be considered to develop the business in order to become a developed and developing:


Less innovation in entrepreneurship will cause your efforts stuck. You must make a minimum of once a month innovation, because innovation is a business can continue to exist even developed and developing. You can try using the mobile app for to develop your businesses, for tips about the importance of mobile app for your businesses, you can see at

Imagine if a computer software company like Microsoft does not make any innovation in the company. Perhaps now you are still using a computer with the old program.

Programming can be done on all aspects of the business, with the main objective of the innovation that is, the efficiency and effectiveness of the business, seize new customers, retain existing customers, and profit optimization.

Innovate with your products and communicate to your customers by making flyers or banners with the words interesting. By these two things, you are able to venture forward and grow.


Requires tremendous courage in opening a business, for risking a lot of capital that must be planted in starting such a business, money, energy, time, and mind. As an entrepreneur, you certainly do not want to go bankrupt, especially if the loss, even though you are aware that it has become a risk an entrepreneur. An effort will only run for one of two directions, namely toward bankruptcy and toward success. Many know the road to bankruptcy but not many know that the path to success. To advance the efforts that developed and developing, the first that must be addressed is the mental entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you have to have nerves of steel, durable, not easily give up. Many employers are not able to expand its business because it is not or less mentally for success.

Flexible and Keep Learning

Many businesses are not developed and developing because the entrepreneur has a conservative nature, hard stance, do not want to know the changing times, and do not want to learn. For progress and development, a manager or business owner is required to keep up to date with advances in technology, especially relating directly to the business.